Sex doll sales on the rise amid COVID-19 restrictions, holiday season
With the nights getting longer and pandemic shut-ins getting lonelier, sales of sex dolls to New York City residents are blowing up!

Sex doll sales on the rise amid COVID-19 restrictions, holiday season

“It’s amazing how they’ve packed her into a hard Styrofoam frame so she doesn’t shift. … Look at her abs. This is a girl that does her sit-ups!” marvels the satisfied customer of the 5-foot-5 Frankie in the two-minute clip.

Silicon Wives’ Gill reasoned that Brooklynites are snatching up his company’s sex dolls — like the popular blonde haired Gabriella — because they “probably have a good mixture of people with the budget for a doll and the space to have one in an apartment,” as compared to your average Manhattan abode where “privacy is a concern as well as storage space. More people probably are living with roommates,” he said.

"Gabriella" from Silicon Wives.

“Gabriella” from Silicon Wives.

Gill said some of the full-sized dolls weigh up to 110 pounds.

He adds his company’s dolls make great sex partners because they “have everything a man (or woman) could want — perfect body shape, realistic feel, and they can keep up with even the most fervent sexual appetites.”

He ackowledged they certain limitations in the emotional aspects of a relationship. The lack of “emotional complications could be a blessing” for some, he quipped.

Gill even suggested the dreamy dolls could be a pandemic panacea.

“For most it could be the difference between spending the holiday season quarantined alone, or with your dream sexual partner to keep you and your bed warm during the cold nights (our dolls do come with built-in heating systems to simulate body heat).”